Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get SMS alerts of your Emails on your cellphone in real-time

I recently discovered a trick used by some on how to get message alerts of our emails on your mobile phones & that too in real-time(soon as they happen), and also without any rentals to cellphone operators.

    All you need first is to have a Windows Live Id or a Hotmail account. If you don't have it then click here to create a new Windows Live account. Note, When you open a Windows Live Account you automatically sign up for a hotmail account too. So, go on, sign up for your account & get back here, I'll wait. Got it? Great. So, let's move on.

    Next, you have to forward all your Emails (or those you wanna have SMS alerts for, using filters) from your main Email account (like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Rediffmail) to your Windows live Account (


    Now, just login to your Windows Live Account or hotmail account & configure your mobile/SMS settings option in the account's General Options section.

    From now onwards, any mail you get in your main Email account will be forwarded to your mobile as an SMS. Enjoy.. Moreover, you can also reply to the mail via SMS (Normal charges applicable).

    So what are you waiting for Enjoy this amazing trick.

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