Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Art of Living - Alapati Sarath

"Life is Beautiful" i was told, "It could be as you want it to be" i heard, "Take it as it comes" i thought being a cool person not thinking much about the problems that i may have face one day i was relaxed. But when a person has to face a problem Unexpectedly its horrible. People have again told me relax don't worry everything will be fine. Actually it was worse and difficult to live with for few days, but then as time passes by it seemed not that difficult to face those situations though it was not better. Then i have finally given thought about the unexpected problems and how life can teach us lessons, Being relaxed not having exposure to what can happen and Doing nothing to make the situation better and thinking its always your way that works are all "virtual".This thinking makes you feel happy for some time in life but if you can think that If  "Life could be Beautiful then Life could be Painful" as Well and make Your part of efforts that could help you to get Results then even the Stars will help you....

Posted By: Alapati Sarath

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